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Here is what some of our clients are saying about Integrated Learning Technology:

"The West Chester Railroad Heritage Association has been using ILT for more than four years. They have done a great job doing our updates and additions. They get everything done very quickly and seem to "always be on line" and get back to me with a response any time of day."

"We know from polling our customers, that 50% to 60% of our ridership comes from our web site, and we hope to use ILT's services for as long as we can. We consider them to be an asset to our business."

Glenn C. Schwass
Vice President, WCRHA

"NFTA is an international trade transportation association who turned to ILT to design and implement our web site and to maintain our membership. ILT's 'can do' attitude has once again made doing business a pleasure."

George Turner
Executive Director
National Freight Transportation Association

"ILT has done a great job of improving and maintaining our web site. It has never looked or worked better."

Jim Ploszay
Pension Management Company, Inc.

"Thank you for creating my new web site! I knew that I needed the help of a professional in order to stand out in the cyber crowd of online companies. Creatively and technically you made a world of difference and we are grateful."

"From the beginning, I felt very comfortable talking with you about design possibilities. Since communication with customers is the foundation of any good business, I was also very interested in providing the most current information about our company. Your suggestions and patience were extraordinary! As we moved forward with the project, I felt that I could call you anytime and discuss new ideas and possible changes."

"As clients visit our new web site everyday, they offer many compliments on both content and design. You managed to pull the project together in a timely and knowledgeable manner. You have vastly improved our positioning among the search engines. Thank you for educating me about hosting and assisting me through the cyberspace zone!"

"I would recommend your business to anyone who needs to increase his or her presence in the public marketplace. We are happy to have you host our web site Thank you for helping me move forward into this new dimension."

Clorinda Barton-Graham
Nanny Placement Service, Inc.

"My husband and I started a pipeline Construction Company in 1995. At the time we were both very computer illiterate. We learned very quickly that we needed not only a computer for our business but we also needed the Internet. Being based in the back woods of Alabama, you would never think the Internet could be so vital to our business. I use it every day to find supplies, contractors, and services. A friend recommended me to Integrated Learning Technology. I can't thank her enough for introducing me to their company and all of its services. They have taught me countless ways to use my computer effectively in my business and also designed our web site which has been really exciting."

"Again being in the woods, people are so impressed when I tell they they can go to our web site In this day of technology, no one needs to be without the Internet or all of the many ways a computer can enhance and grow your business. I can never thank Integrated Learning Technology enough for all they have done for our business. We are now very successful General Contractors in South Alabama. Integrated Learning has been with us through all of the growing pains and will stay wit us as long as we own our business. I highly recommend their excellent staff to anyone just starting out or a well-established business needing the latest in technology. Thank you again for all you have done for us."

Anna Pridgen
Underground Utilities

"Catherine Parvensky provides instructional and web-page design with the end-user constantly in mind. Her screens are quite intuitive and provide the user with a logical roadmap toward accomplishing their objectives. Her use of graphics and animations are not designed to impress; rather, they are designed to maintain interest and facilitate navigation. The use of color within the web pages is quite appropriate and suited to the task at hand. Dealing with Catherine on a personal basis is also a pleasure in that she is more than willing to try several designs prior to the final determination of the product. It is always a pleasure to work with Catherine's team in the development of any worthwhile project!"

John C. Lewis, Ed.D.
Curriculum Consultant and Developer
Faculty, Thomas Jefferson University

"When I needed help redesigning my Research Ethics course for the web, Cathy Parvensky was there. At the time, I knew very little about computer teaching/learning. Not only did she create a beautiful design, she made it very easy for the students to navigate. I have had nothing but praise from students and faculty, from around the world, about the course. They find it easy to use, informative, and interesting.

"Cathy is also a pleasure to work with. She's patient and listens to my sometimes crazy ideas. When she finds something that might improve the course, she contacts me and explains it in language that I can understand.

I recommend her highly."

Constance Perry, Ph.D.
MCP Hahnemann University
Department of Arts and Sciences

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