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Nanny Placement Service

Original Web Site

Re-Designed Web Site

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This Web Site is an example of a site that was designed by an amateur for free. Actually, it was designed by a student as a class project. While useful in the begining days of web sites, the site owner quickly realized that it lacked the professional image they needed. That is when they turned to ILT, inc. for help.

Some of the problems with this site were as follows:

  • The site lacked a unified and consistent overall look and feel.
  • There was no navigation system in place. Pages were not cross-linked and once a user was in the site, it was impossible to get back to certain pages or to navigate around.
  • The homepage was much too busy with flashing lights and colors.
  • Headers and logos were different on different pages. There was no unified logo being used.
  • The font selection and colors did not work well with the logo.

The client likes movement in the site and looked through our portfolio of special effects to find a couple we could use in the site and give it an upbeat look and feel. She also searched for a midi file that could be used in the background.

You can visit this Web Site at www.nannyplacementservice.

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