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Founded in 1998, Integrated Learning Technology, Inc. started as a training design and development firm specializing in on-line learning solutions. The Company's founder has over twenty years experience in creating training models in all aspects of business, industry, and the educational arena, and served as the Program Director for the Master of Health Care Education Technology program at a local University. She has developed numerous online training programs (for businesses and universities) and has published twenty textbooks and ancillary materials for Emergency Medical Services such as computerized test banks, electronic workbooks, instructor manuals, and PowerPoint™ presentations.

Once established in the on-line training arena, we realized that we had a service to provide to individuals and businesses in need of a professionally designed web site. After countless hours surfing the internet, we found so many poorly designed web sites, that we decided to form a subdivision of the company whose primary goal is web site design, development, marketing, and maintenance. Hence the birth of

In so doing, we further realized that many hosting providers were charging our clients outrageous monthly fees, setup fees, and costly "add-ons". So, we started to provide affordable, quality web hosting. Now, for as little as $14.95 per month, our clients can have all the features they need for a successful web site for only a fraction of what they had been paying.

We have recently utilized our development skills in the launch of two new ventures: Precious Memories and More and The Graduation Station. At Precious Memories and More, we offer online memorials and personalized memorial gifts and videos for to memorialize loved ones who have passed away. We also offer online tributes for other special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, and birth announcements. The Graduation Station offers a similar service, but focuses solely on the celebration of graduates. We offer personalized unique graduation gifts and online tribute sites. Each site also offers a large selection of free e-cards where anyone can send a sympathy or congratulatory e-card to loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Through, we are committed to helping our clients optimize their use of the Internet From on-line course development, to web site design and development, search engine optimization and positioning, web site hosting, web site maintenance, graphic design, and multimedia development, ILT is a full-service company.

u Who we are
u What we do
u Our approach
u Our founder
u Our philosophy
u Our code of ethics

Who we are:

Integrated Learning Technology is a firm consisting of experienced individuals who specialize in web site design, search engine optimization, graphic design, computer programming, database design and integration, technical writing, instructional design and development, and integrated Internet solutions.

At ILT, we are committed to providing quality and service. Our staff shows enthusiasm, excitement, and attention to detail throughout the design and development process. We believe in providing individualized attention in order to develop high-quality materials on-time and on-budget. offers custom designed, dynamic web sites. Sites can vary from single page "business card" type sites to thousands of pages of dynamic, database driven content. We have designed web sites for various business types. ILT has designed web sites for various types of businesses. Whether a small business, a university, a retail store, industry, a government agency, large corporation, or community organization, we can develop a web site to show the world who you are.

We understand that your web site is your calling card. Every day, and increasing number of people are looking to the Internet to search out businesses. These potential clients will most likely view your web site before even they even make first contact. That is why it is so important to make sure your web site gives you maximum exposure.

What we do:

ILT is a full-service firm for all your online development needs including:

u Web site design and development

u Web site re-design ("Face Lifts")

u Search engine optimization

u Site promotion and marketing

u Web site hosting

u Domain name registration

u Professional copywriting

u Web site maintenance

Whether you need a web site developed from scratch or you need a face lift from your current site, or you need to add advanced features to your site, ILT is your sole source for all of your web development needs. There is an ever-growing number of features which can be included in your site and our staff will ensure that the right ones are incorporated into your site to ensure maximum traffic and user satisfaction. uses advanced features in web site development including advanced html coding, java scripting, and java applets. We offer a wide variety of special effects to add style to your web presence. Check out our portfolio of special effects for some samples of effects we can add to your site.

Our Approach:

At ILT, we respect the individuality of every client. Whether an individual, a sole proprietor, a small firm, or a large corporation, we work with you to orchestrate a total package solution for your web site needs.

Our approach focuses on 4 aspects:

  • client needs
  • user needs
  • market intelligence
  • proven design principles

Contact us for more information on our approach.

Our Founder:

ILT was founded by Catherine Parvensky Barwell, R.N. M.Ed. Catherine has more than twenty years experience in the field of education, training, and management. She is a results oriented executive specializing in education technology.

Catherine began her career in the medical field as an RN and then in the prehospital arena. She began teaching medical training courses and quickly advanced to the Director of Training for County Government. In that capacity, she was responsible for conducting needs assessments and producing "just-in-time" training on numerous topics and issues. During this time she authored her first textbook "Teaching EMS".

Catherine has authored or contributed to over 20 textbooks and instructor manuals for Mosby/Harcourt Health Sciences and Prentice Hall. In addition, she designed and developed "AED Alive", a computer-based training program on Automatic External Defibrillation, for the Laerdal Medical Corporation. She has also authored a series of childrens books focusing on safety in "The Adventures of Tommi Lance" due for publication in December 2005. You can view Tommi's website at, a website designed, hosted, and maintained by

While Ms. Barwell's background was in the medical field, her experience and abilities led her to a much larger field of Internet technology, web site development, performance engineering and instructional systems, training design and development.

Catherine left the government arena and moved to the University setting where she co-developed and directed a Master of Education program in Health Care Education Technology. During this time, she was an integral part of a development team which launched Internet courses at the University level. She was instrumental in launching distance education in the medical field and has developed numerous on-line training programs for graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education programs.

In 2000, Catherine left the academic arena to pursue an entrepreneurial market and founded ILT.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is basic: to do the best job as inexpensively as possible. Our clients are the content experts and we are the design experts. Together, we can build a successful strategy for for the design and implementation of an effective internet strategy.

With web-site development, we believe that simpler is often better. We stay clear of gimmicks and features that cloud the message unless it is clear that such features are beneficial. We focus on developing a site which is clean, user-centered, easy to navigate, and full of valuable information for your customers.

At ILT, we believe that the materials we develop serve as a reflection not only on your company, but on ours as well. As such, we produce the highest quality product with the greatest attention to detail.

Our Code of Ethics:

u At ILT, we adhere to a very simple code; be honest.

If we recommend a particular strategy, we do so because it is the best method for accomplishing a goal. If alternative strategies are available, we will provide them as well, along with a cost-benefit analysis.

We will not recommend development of a product which is readily available for purchase at a cheaper price.

We will not include items which have no benefit except to increase revenue from a project.

The bottom line is that, at ILT, we only succeed if you succeed.



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